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We want to thank everyone who joined us for any of our annual 'Take a Bite Out of Cancer' events, hosted by Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg! Each year we get to meet so many wonderful people and their greys and we want to make our next event even better! To do that we need your thoughts and comments. Please let us know what worked, what didn't and what you'd like to do/see/hear next year that wasn't available this year.

Comments below are for both the 2011 and 2010 events.


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Tracy says...
2011 was the first year I attended. I had a wonderful time. The event was very well managed and organized. I found the location very convenient with plenty of retail stores and restaurants within walking distance. The speakers were greyt as well as the brunch. I did have to leave mid brunch because of check-out times and travel plans.
I am looking forward to next years event.
21st November 2011 7:39pm
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In answer to Patti Tustin\\\'s comments. I spoke with Sheryl in regard to her comment of \\\"off leash\\\". That comment came from letting her grey off leash while in confined areas. Meaning she had control of her grey even though off leash, but was still confined. However, I disagree that a grey (canine) cannot be trained to walk off leash \\\"anywhere\\\". I have two males, now 7 & 9 yrs. But, at age 4 & 6 I had their trust and as time has passed, I can now walk without leash, if a so choose, without fear of running or chasing. The majority of grey owners are just brain washed, therefore, do not even attempt to train their grey.
21st November 2011 7:38am
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Bobbie says...
Venue was great and very convenient. Met lots of nice attendees. Sunday morning brunch went on a bit long and late check-out for attendees would be nice. This was our first and we definitely plan to return next year.
20th November 2011 2:10pm
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Linda. says...
My fourth GRF and the best yet. Having missed 2010, I was very impressed and happy to hear of the advancements made by Dr. Cuoto and his group in their fight against canine cancer.///The vendors were diverse but items non-Greyhound specific would be welcome for us non-Greyhound owners.///All the auction items were desirable, with many unique to GRF.///Dessert and breakfast were excellent--no complaints there.///Victoria Stilwell is a delightful woman and awesome speaker!
19th November 2011 9:02am
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Patty Tustin says...
2011 was my 1st year. Dr Couto and Victoria Stilwell were great. I would like Dr Couto to have a Q and A session for those in the veterinary field to discuss the more technical aspects of his work at OSU. I would also like to hear more about the work done with the galgos. Saturday night was a bit long, however the raffle table and silent auction had many nice items. I left the brunch early as Sheryl Mathys made several comments that I took exception to, most memorably \\\"we all heard the greyhounds can never be off leash\\\". When I am out late at night in all sorts of weather looking for a lost grey that was trained and \\\"safe to be off leash\\\", I will be sure to call her. My room at the Hospitality House was newly remodeled but like many others did not have working air conditioning. I had to keep the slider door open (which could not be open at night)to get the room to 76 degrees. Management was not responsive to this issue, but it is a good venue and I liked having everything in 1 area. The vendors brought a nice selection of merchandise and both the dessert party and brunch had a variety of food to select from. Well worth 5 hrs from NJ. See you in 2012!
17th November 2011 4:50am
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