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We want to thank everyone who joined us for any of our annual 'Take a Bite Out of Cancer' events, hosted by Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg! Each year we get to meet so many wonderful people and their greys and we want to make our next event even better! To do that we need your thoughts and comments. Please let us know what worked, what didn't and what you'd like to do/see/hear next year that wasn't available this year.

Comments below are for both the 2011 and 2010 events.


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Keith and Georgia says...
:Thumbs upWe thoroughly enjoyed Greyhounds Rock. The speakers were fantastic! The food was \"greyt\". It was a big plus to have all of the events at the Hospitality House, and not to have to drive around to find things, especially with the heavy traffic in the area. The location was greyt; good spaces to walk the dogs; stores and restaurants within walking distance. The hotel is under renovation, but with that in mind, all was well. It was clean, quiet, and convenient. Three things I would suggest are: to have more poo barrels around, have things more clearly marked, and to reserve as many rooms as possible on the first floor so that we could just walk out of the sliding glass door to walk our dogs. Another plus was to have Civil War attractions nearby! Thanks for all of the hard work in planning this event. In spite of the fact that it is a 7 hour drive, we can\'t wait to attend next year! GREYHOUNDS ROCK!!!!
16th November 2011 10:11am
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Joyce says...
This was my first time attending Greyhound Rocks. I thought it was just OK--not great, not bad. I thought the venues were very cramped for bringing the dogs along. We also got mixed messages about whether or not the dogs were welcome at the brunch--so we ended up not attending the brunch even though we had tickets. I thought the planning at the end for the dog dancing demo was lackluster, too--it did not begin on time and I don\'t think that was fair to the VA Foxtrotters who volunteered their time to come and entertain. Also interfered with the check out time for the hotel so a lot of people left rather than watch. Victoria Stilwell was a very good speaker--but that was to be expected. We enjoyed the dessert and the silent auction/raffles.
16th November 2011 9:36am
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Laura says...
Dr. Couto and Victoria Stilwell were wonderful. I did not enjoy the anti-racing sentiment Cheryl added at the end of her talk. Her message stood on its own without having to go there.////What did you think of our host venue (The Hospitality House Hotel)////Although it was in disrepair (mold on the ceiling, wallpaper coming off), our room was clean, comfortable, and quiet. It was apparent that they are going through a renovation. It was nice to have the vendors and speakers in the same hotel so that we could bring our travel-phobic dog.////Did you shop the vendor area? Was there a good selection of vendors and items?////We did shop the vendor area. There was a wide variety of GH items available although the collar selection was a bit lacking.////Did you enjoy the food at the Saturday night dessert party and Sunday brunch?////The food was average. I personally do not enjoy cheesecake or eggs which makes me a bit of a freak but I know that lots of other people do.////Other suggestions - Victoria Stilwell needed a stage so that we could see what she was doing with the dogs she was working with.
15th November 2011 7:27pm
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Melissa Felts says...
This was my first Greyhounds Rock event. I don\'t have a greyhound, but other mixed breeds. Being a dog person, I had to see what this was all about. Wow! What fun! I can\'t wait for next year\'s event! My only suggestion would be to have a vendor or two with dog items for any breed. The animal communicator, the massage therapist, the photographer -- all were wonderful! And the hotel was very easy to get to. And the big-name speakers were incredible! I don\'t know how you will top them!
15th November 2011 6:38pm
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Paula Nolin says...
I am so glad to have finally attended Greyhound Rocks annual fundraiser event. I totally enjoyed meeting all other hounds (and their caregivers as well!). The lectures were diverse. I especially enjoyed Dr Couto\\\\\\\'s lecture and the information on canine cancer(owner of Miguel who transitioned 2006 from OSA)and would love a copy of the pdf he said he would send your group. Improvements could be made with hotel as to checkout time for attendees (I missed Shery\\\\\\\'s lecture in trying to check out and unable to gain access to my room (others as well)at 11:30a. All in all I enjoyed being able to travel with my hounds. Vendors had greyt stuff!!! Also need to reach out to other rescue groups to make this a bigger event next year!
Admin: Thanks so much for the suggestions. We\\\\\\\'ll check with Dr. Couto and get the paper you\\\\\\\'re referring to posted to our website. I\\\\\\\'m really sorry about the hotel checkout time. I had heard from a number of guests that the hotel had extended the checkout time to 2PM on Sunday. I didn\\\\\\\'t realize that all guests weren\\\\\\\'t given that option. I sincerely apologize for that and it\\\\\\\'s on the checklist for next year!
15th November 2011 2:10pm
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