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About Our Group

Each of us knows someone who has lost a dog to cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death for our canine companions. According to the Morris Foundation, up to 50% of all canines will die from cancer.

Greyhounds Rock Fredericksburg, a 501c(3) non-profit fund-raising charity, was created to raise awareness and funds to support canine cancer research, to honor the dogs that are or have been affected by this disease, and to offer encouragement and education to the people who love them.

Greyhounds Rock cannot succeed without donations or sponsors. 100% of every dollar raised by Greyhounds Rock goes to canine cancer treatment, research and support. Greyhound Rock team members donate their time and resources to ensure every cent goes to help the dogs. Every donation to our events, or sponsorship from individuals, groups, and merchants, helps achieve the goal .... effective treatment, and an eventual cure, for canine cancer.

Contact Information:

Greyhounds Rock
10617 Piney Branch Rd
Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Some of the Dogs Helped by Greyhounds Rock


Romulus is a 9 year old Doberman with Bone Sarcoma who lives in Boston, MA, Romulus is needing an amputation of leg and then a cycle of Chemotherapy. He is so handsome; Mom is a fellow studying to be a Oncologist and he is her companion in the good times and bad times. His update since surgery is that he is doing really well and is happy and healthy, He misses going out to run, but he does get to go on short walks until he is completely healed. Chemotherapy starts this week and all thoughts are good. Thank you The Mosby Foundation for your help. Update: 6/30/16 Romulus is doing great, did develop an abscess on incision site but vet gave him some antibiotics and he is much better and ready for round 3 of chemo on 7/7/16.



Cedric is a 8 year old male Pit Bull from Lancaster, CA who has a very large soft tissue growth under his armpit and it is very uncomfortable because it rubs the torso causing it to become raw. Cedric was gotten as a puppy by the owner's son and when he decided to move out he left Cedric with his mom who wasn't quite sure about taking care of a dog by herself. However, since she's had him she has become very attached, says he makes her unbelievably happy, and is now her best friend.

"Thank you so very very much for your pledge in helping the love of my life and my only companion my boy...Cedric...He has a good gentle soul and is so goofy...He loves life......He means so very much to me...You are angels on earth...Thank you....and God Bless... " says Marie.

What a loving family indeed. Nothing better than a woman and her best friend.



Annie is an 8 year old German Shepherd from Frederick, MD with Anal Sac problems and needed it removed. Annie had her surgery on 6/10/16. She was having her pre-surgery tests and the the vet found she had a bit of infection. Dr. Gauthier stated all was well for surgery, but felt like it was necessary to go ahead and do the surgery right away since there was a possibility of a very big tumor behind the anal gland.

Update: The surgery went very well and Annie is up and moving around with the much hated cone, which she is not crazy about; doing great and feeling much better as you can see in her eyes. Thank you for making this possible for us, Annie and I are both greatly relieved and very happy. Update: 6/30/16 Annie is improving but did have a bit of setback when an infection developed in the incision area . She is now on antibiotics and doing much better has a follow up at Vet office 7/6/16.



Jackson is a 12 year old Beagle/Lab X from Norfolk, VA diagnosed with Spindle Cell Tumor on right hind thigh. Spindle cell tumors originate from the connective tissue of, or beneath the skin. Most are slow-growing. The tumors often recur locally after surgical removal but spread to other parts of the body (metastasis) is rare. This is a common group of tumors in dogs, mainly in middle- aged to older animals and often on the limbs. These tumors do not respond to chemotherapy. Jackson was a service dog for 7 years, until struck by a hit and run driver in front of his owners home 2 1/2 years ago. He had been doing great until this ordeal.

Update: 6/29/16 "Jackson is doing great. Like he never knew he had surgery. Vet used Laser and got it all and all is well. Running and playing like nothing ever happened."



Via our grant to Tripawds Foundation, Charley received free rehab evaluation resulting in cold laser treatment and other beneficial therapies.



Senior three legged Cocker Spaniel Sunny receives free rehab evaluation thanks to our grant to the Tripawds Vet Rehabilitation Fund.



Free canine rehab session helps Tripawd Sunny Boy stay fit and strong, and teaches his people exercises to do at home.